A Miscellany of Music Links

The supreme, Undisputed King of Internet Whistle Journalism, Dale Wisely, has created this unrivalled web site dedicated to all things penny whistle. This site must be visited and perused by everyone with even the slightest interest in the whistle. There's more information about the penny whistle here than you can shake...a whistle..at. Also check out the Chiff and Fipple Message board to meet and communicate with an active, friendly, and enthusiastic online whistle community.

Brother Steve (Stephen Jones) has created an excellent whistle web site. Get right along there and read Steve's personal meditations, advice, and lessons on how to play the whistle.

This is a good place to listen to a variety of makes of whistles. Some talented amateur players post their whistle recordings here. You can contact many of the contributors directly to ask for help or advice. This site was created by whistle players, for whistle players, with the accent on sharing and learning and providing encouragement for people of all abilities and at all levels. You will also find more recordings by me. Pop along and listen - and submit your own!

This is a valuable resource for finding traditional tunes, in a variety of formats, using a searchable database. Don't pass by this one!

Michael is a traditional player of whistles, flute, Uilleann pipes, tenor banjo, and DADGAD guitar, and lives in San Diego. His site is full of resources for players. Find live session recordings, session information, as well as tunebooks for local sessions, and more. This is an interesting and useful site, worthy of perusal.

This was one of the first tin whistle web sites, first seeing the light of day back in 1996, and it's still going strong. It has traditional tunes and songs for the pennywhistle, with midi files and mp3s and sheet music.

Richard Moon's searchable database of traditional tunes from around the world, presented in ABC format.

Henrik Norbeck has provided a collection of ABC files of traditional tunes. You will find 1661 (count them) Irish tunes here.

This is the web site of whistle master Phil Brown. Phil supplies Goldie whistles (previously known by the name Overton), made by Colin Goldie, and  several other makes of quality whistles, whistle tutorials, tune books,  carriers and cases, etc.

Goldie Whistles (formerly known as Overton whistles) are amongst the finest whistles available. The whistles you will find here are all hand-made by Colin Goldie in Germany.

These attractive aluminium whistles are hand-crafted instruments, made in the Highlands of Scotland. They look and sound great.

If you are looking for music notation software, Forte should meet your needs with several editions available, the most simple edition being free to use.

This very nice site by Richard Hefner has tutorials for banjo, folk guitar and ukulele. Maybe it will inspire a new interest! Quite apart from the instructional element, this site has a comprehensive directory of folk-related links (more than 1000) covering all types of instruments, styles and performers.

Listen to Irish music on Internet radio, with live events and video.

Music and tuition for traditional musical instruments.

Traditional musical instruments, books, CDs, and accessories.

A wide selection of celtic recordings to listen to and to purchase.

Tools to help you learn to play by ear.

If your interest extends to playing the Irish flute, then you should visit this site.

Guido Klemisch is a maker of fine woodwind instruments who has recently ventured into the  world of the Irish whistle.  Superb boxwood instruments, whistles really don’t come any better than this.

If your musical interests extend to the guitar and the ukulele then you might want to take a look at Coustii.com where you will find beginners’ tutorials for both these string instruments.

Folk Tune Finder is a search engine for folk tunes. Tunes are presented in traditional notation and ABC formats. This is a fantastic resource.  Be sure to make the most of it!

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Easy-to-follow & free Irish tin whistle (penny whistle) lessons, tips, exercises, tabs, songs, sheet music & many resources for the legendary Irish folk musical instrument. For both, beginners and experienced players.

© 2001 to 2021  Michael Woodruff

© 2001 to 2021 Michael Woodruff